Kevin McCoy

My art is an investigation of the self. My inspiration is drawn from western and japanese calligraphy, the movement of tai chi, and the work of modern painters ranging from impressionists to graffiti artists. Due to the overload of information in today's world, my connection to painting is compulsive in nature and comments on the complexity of language and the role of letters in communication, or lack therof. Using letters to structure my action-based mark-making, I can create a non-objective image from an obvious form and give it a new function.

I am fascinated with that which is out of my own personal control. Water-based materials appeal to me for this reason. They allow outside forces, such as gravity, to have influence over my mark-making. Once the pigment leaves my brush, it has a life of its own. It drips and mixes with previous marks as it sinks into the fibers of the paper and creates gradations and patterns. Working with this process is both intimidating and exciting. It allows me to enter a meditative state of mind which connects me to the spirit of the thing itself. In this way, I explore the construction of images without the need for a clear destination.